Kindle 2nd Gen Repair

Need to get your Kindle 2nd gen repaired?


Need to get your Kindle 2nd gen repaired? Select this repair option to get your broken Kindle repaired by the UK's only dedicated Kindle repair centre.

Please note that repairs to this model Kindle will take longer than normal due to lack of availability at times for this older Kindle parts. Repairs can take up to 10-28 working days.

How it works

  • Select your required repair for your Kindle model.
  • Can't find you required repair service? Choose our Inspection & Diagnostics service.
  • Complete the checkout process and pay for your repair.
  • Print out 2 copies of your repair order (found in your order history) and send a copy with your Kindle using your preferred courier service. We recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery.
  • A member of our customer service team will email you to let you know your Kindle has arrived safely.
  • Our skilled technicians will repair your Kindle within 10-14 working days or sooner.
  • We will send back your repaired Kindle using your chosen return method.

Once your repair order has completed, please send your device to us:

The Kindle Repair Company

Inspection and Diagnostics

Inspection and Diagnostics

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